Romeo Psychotherapy

Andrew Romeo, MA

"I strive to provide a reflective atmosphere to help individuals authentically engage deeper aspects of themselves."

You might be feeling uncertain, worried, or hopeless as you navigate difficult life transitions or the complexities of relationships-perhaps ending or beginning an academic program, vocation, or intimate partnership. You might be processing the loss of a loved one, finding it difficult to connect with your partner, or struggling to find more meaning in your life. Changes like these often turn our world upside down.

I use a trauma informed approach to create an atmosphere where you can feel safe and supported in exploring deeper parts of yourself and the things that really matter to you. I believe in the transformative power of self-discovery and its ability to lead to significant changes within yourself and your most important relationships. I will support you in reuniting with your inner self and feeling confident in the steps you take ahead. 

As a seminarian, I understand how spirituality can play a vital role in mental wellness and the pursuit of meaning. I also recognize how religion or spirituality can sometimes be the focal point of distress. Whether you’re religious, agnostic, or atheist, I welcome your worldview and aim to integrate it as a source of support.

My first vocation was in construction, remodeling old residential homes and building new ones. I found a passion for psychology when I began studying at Lehigh Carbon Community College and it continued on as I attended Kutztown University. I became interested in conducting psychological research as well as studying philosophies on human nature.

I began studying theology at Moravian Theological Seminary and found that I preferred working with people as they unlock mysteries about themselves rather than writing in the seclusion of a library. I transferred to the clinical counseling program and found my second vocation, psychotherapy.

When I'm not doing therapy, I enjoy playing drums and touring with my band mates in Silvertung!

The process of self-discovery is life long and often times takes years before we feel like we are on the right path. I hope that you will consider me as a companion in your journey through life.

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